Benefits of Grace's services to tribal businesses, supervisors, and employees:

  • Less office drama and tension - conflicts are resolved quickly, directly, and respectfully
  • Boost in employee morale - productivity goes up and absenteeism goes down
  • Improved communications - everyone is in the loop decreasing anxiety and gossip
  • Lifestyle Changes - to regain health, balance, and well-being

For the past 26 years, Grace Marks has combined her unique blend of education, expertise, and cultural experiences to help Native Americans bring health and harmony back into their personal and professional lives. Grace began this journey while with Northern Arizona University where she created cultural immersion programs on the Hopi and Navajo Nations to bridge cultural understanding. Her last 10 years with the university were devoted to assessing workplace training needs and customizing and teaching programs for a wide range of tribal businesses and organizations. Their stories and challenges inspired Grace to integrate their traditional wisdom into her business, Native Empowerment.

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  • Have you had enough of the gossip and wish everyone would get along?

  • Are you tired of being kept in the dark and out of the loop?

  • Do you want to stop coming home from work completely worn out?

  • Are you ready to get healthy and back in balance?

As a tribal business owner, supervisor or employee, you know gossip, negative talk, being out of the loop or not getting feedback to do your job effectively can disrupt the workplace. An unbalanced work environment creates stress and job dissatisfaction that affects everyone's health, well-being and optimal performance. Neglecting any of these can lead to excessive absenteeism, low morale, poor productivity, lack of energy and focus, and missed deadlines.

Native Empowerment provides customized
​solutions to bring health
and harmony back to any work environment.