NEW:How to Deal with Difficult People and Situations

Maintaining healthy working relationships can be vital to your success. Yet, how many of us are trained to deal with conflict and how to handle difficult customer, co-worker, and supervisor situations? This half-day training will give you effective communication skills to handle difficult people and situations. You will learn powerful phrases you can use to address the loud co-worker, the gossiper, the chronically late, and other common office scenarios that cause you stress and discomfort.

How to Manage Your Time More Effectively

Do you feel there just aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done? It’s impossible to get everything done but it is possible to manage your time more effectively. This training is an opportunity to assess what gets in the way of your optimal productivity. Learn strategies to avoid common pitfalls and distractions and how to restructure your thinking and planning for less stress and more fulfillment.

Telephone Skills Tune Up

If you run a busy office with constant interruptions, phone skills can suffer. How employees answer the phone sets the tone for a customer’s experience. This power-packed hands-on session covers the 5 basic phone rules plus how to effectively take and transfer messages, respond to questions and complaints, and de-stress during challenging times.

Are You Listening?

With so many distractions from cell phones, social media, to mental clutter, are we really tuning in to listen to ourselves, our co-workers, or customers? With up to 70,000 thoughts a day, one about every 1.2 seconds, our minds are busy distracting us from being fully present. Good listeners have a huge advantage, especially in business. This training will cover life-changing listening skills to enhance your personal and professional life.

De-Stress in 5 Minutes or Less

Have you heard yourself say, "I'm so busy" or "There's just not enough time."? You try to juggle the responsibilities of being a spouse, parent, sibling, employee, and community member. Where do you fall in the list of priorities? When was the last time you tuned into your own needs and wants? Your mind, body, and spirit try to get your attention that something is out of balance if you're overeating, losing your temper, having aches and pains, and barely getting enough sleep. Pinpoint exactly where you are out of balance and learn to de-stress and restore your energy in five minutes or less. Take away two secrets for success to help you change and manage stress once and for all.

How to Restore Balance for Optimal Health and Harmony

Most of us juggle multiple roles from mom, dad, sole provider, caregiver, community member or leader, and employee and more. Each role comes with many responsibilities that can lead to excess stress, overwhelm, guilt, and self-neglect. This training is for those who want less stress and more energy and focus on what matters. Participants will pinpoint what is out of balance and identify specific and manageable steps they can take to restore a more balanced, fulfilling and harmonious life – at home and work. Various tools and strategies will be shared such as a balance assessment and a goal setting process.

Sample Trainings

The Balancing Act: How balanced are you?

You hear so much about the importance of balance – from balancing your checkbook, eating a balanced diet, balancing your tires, to balancing the federal budget! But what about your personal balance? Just how balanced are you? In this training, you will gain a deeper perspective of your life by using the Wheel of Life inventory. This powerful assessment tool will help you identify where balance is needed most – in your career, health, relationships, finances, spirituality, fun and adventure, or physical space. You will be introduced to S.M.A.R.T. goals so you can immediately start taking actions steps towards change

Customer Service: Service from the Inside Out

Have you ever assessed how your employees answer the phone, handle complaints, listen to customers, or go the extra mile? How employees interact with customers impacts the success of any business. This training examines feelings and attitudes that can get in the way of treating others with respect and compassion and providing optimal service.

Harmonious and Respectful Communication in the Workplace

Communication issues ranging from gossip, negative talk, being out of the loop or not getting feedback to do your job effectively, can disrupt any workplace. An unbalanced workplace creates tension, job dissatisfaction, and affects optimal work performance. This highly interactive training examines workplace communication patterns and styles, uncovers communication breakdowns, brainstorms solutions, and creates a manageable communication system so workplace harmony is restored.

A one or two day training covers a variety of skills you choose and includes:

  • a personal assessment to rate levels of service and pinpoint problem areas
  • a group discussion of common obstacles to optimal performance
  • proven strategies to improve communication and other interpersonal skills
  • self-care (from nutrition to exercise and quality family time) that can impact performance
Starting Over: Navigating Transitions at Work and Home

Any change, especially unexpected, can create stress, confusion, and anxiety. If you are experiencing a change with work, health, relationships or finances, this session will guide you to restore your internal balance. Participants will do some life purpose exploration to set new life goals and create a personal action plan. Having specific action steps and life management tools will keep you focused and motivated to successfully navigate a transition or unexpected challenge.

What’s Stress Got To Do With It? EVERYTHING!

How you perceive and handle daily stressors affects you and everyone else. Gain insights into your stress triggers and learn simple stress relief techniques to ease your mind, support your body, and lift your spirits. A number of stress assessments and self-care strategies will be used including how to make healthy food and snack choices.

Contact Grace

Grace Marks, MPH, CPC, CHSMI
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Certified Holistic Stress Management Instructor

Visualize to Materialize: Treasure Map What YOU Want!

Learn how to use your most powerful tool to achieve and maintain your goals and dreams: your Subconscious Mind. Your subconscious mind operates mostly on images and feelings. It accepts what you picture as reality. Help your mind be clear and focused on what YOU want. Give yourself the gift of creating a treasure map to add clarity, power, and passion to what you want your life to look like. A treasure map (or vision board) is a collage of pictures and words that represent your goal or dream. Post your board where it’s seen on a regular basis with focused intent and see what happens!

Mix and match topics and formats to customize your training. Most of these offerings can be delivered in a half day or one or two day format. Each session is highly experiential with hands-on activities, discussions, and group exercises for deeper insights and optimal change.

Stress and Your Weight: Chill Out to Thin Out

Are you chronically worrying about what may go wrong in the future or what went wrong in the past? How you perceive and handle these thoughts affects all the systems in your body. If you are regularly stressing about money, the kids, work, or feeling frustrated with relationships and busy schedules, you need to understand the effects of cortisol on your body. Chronic stress can suppress the immune system and make the body more susceptible to infections, colds, and allergies. It can also elevate levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, which increases appetite and cravings and triggers weight gain especially in the abdominal area. This training zeroes in on specific stress triggers and the affects of chronic stress. A number of simple stress relief techniques are explored to control unwanted behaviors from emotional eating to negative thinking.

Stop Self-Sabotage: Make Conscious Choices that Stick 

Do you find yourself taking two steps forward and one step back? Is there something you really want but are unable to bring it into your life? If you are you feeling trapped in a situation you desperately want to change, your wants may be out of alignment with your beliefs. When you hear yourself say, “I want to do this, but I can’t or shouldn’t, self-sabotage is at work. It can leave you feeling frustrated, discouraged, resentful, and angry. Learn to stop the internal tug-of-war by uncovering self-limiting beliefs and old patterns that keep you stuck. Experience a variety of powerful tools and experiential activities such as journaling, thought tracking, and creative visualizations to move you towards balance.

Stress Free Productivity

Are you working more and accomplishing less? Have play and fun been eluding you? Pushing and driving yourself fast and furious doesn’t guarantee success. When your life feels out of balance it affects you mentally, spiritually, and physically. This session will look at your life as a whole to reveal any imbalances. You will identify where to make changes, set goals, and create a manageable self-care action plan.

Self-Awareness + Self-Care = Mindful Living

Choices, you all have them from what to wear, what to eat to where to go on a Friday night. But what about your thoughts and attitudes? Have you ever stopped to think about what you are thinking? Thoughts are energy. Research has substantiated that negative thoughts can suppress the immune system. Discover how you can change your life by becoming conscious of your thoughts. This session will focus on a number of self-care practices from reframing thoughts, creating affirmations, to effective relaxation techniques to live mindfully.

GOALS – Your Roadmap to Success!

The road to where you want to be is easier than you think. Just as you need a roadmap to find a new destination, having specific goals and action steps will get you there - faster. Find direction and pick up speed by setting measurable, realistic and time-based goals that are in alignment with your beliefs and values. Add creative visualization and this journey becomes even more rewarding! This training helps you focus on what you truly want with a personal roadmap to get you there and tools to use for any backsliding.

What are You Thinking?! The Power of Your Thoughts

Even in tough times, you get to decide how to respond to certain conditions, opportunities, and outcomes – both good and bad. Life is always a series of choices on what will move you closer to what you want or further away. Paying attention to your thoughts and self-talk can change your life. This session will focus on how to stop what keeps you from the life you want to be living. You will take a personal inventory of what’s working and what’s not, learn easy tools to reframe negative thoughts, visualize outcomes, create affirmations, and set empowering goals for change.