In her remaining 10 years at NAU, Grace taught customer service to a variety of tribal businesses. She uncovered a common thread of workplace issues that affected employee health, performance, and motivation. The stories Grace heard inspired her to combine all of her expertise and cultural experiences to address health and harmony in the workplace. Participants in her trainings reconnect with their own beliefs and values as a source of empowerment and change. Cultural considerations are always taken into account and customized for each program.

Grace’s cultural experiences and educational background in health education, administration, and certifications in performance coaching and holistic stress management result in a unique blend of coaching and training to restore optimal health and harmony. She is gifted at teaching, coaching, and creating a safe environment for people to share their stories and gain insights about themselves. She provides the encouragement and support needed for long-lasting change. Clients say Grace really listens and makes learning fun and simple so they know exactly what steps to take.

Remembering the disempowerment of having her own voice stifled as a child, Grace determined that helping others share their stories as a healing tool was a top priority. As a result, Grace also dedicates part of her time helping native women in transition due to loss or trauma start over successfully. Women are gently guided to regain their sense of self and place in the world by identifying their strengths and reconnecting with their cultural beliefs and values.

Grace is a sought after speaker for national tribal conferences, employee development programs, retreats, and special events. She is also a regular contributor to the Our Health column in the Navajo Times. 

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Grace Marks, MPH, CPC, CHSMI
Certified Performance Coach
Certified Holistic Stress Management Instructor

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Grace Marks, MPH, CPC, CHSMI is an expert in cultural diversity and customizing training experiences for tribal businesses and organizations. She is also recognized as a passionate speaker, facilitator, and life coach to the national native community. For the first 16 years of her 26-year tenure with Northern University, Grace created and coordinated cultural immersion programs for teachers and health and social service providers on the Hopi Reservation and Navajo Nation. Her programs were taught by Native American elders, teachers, and medicine people to bridge the gap in cultural understanding. As a result, Grace developed a deep respect and appreciation of native beliefs and values. She integrates this traditional wisdom into her life and business, Native Empowerment: Solutions for Health and Harmony.