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Grace Marks, MPH, CPC, CHSMI
Certified Performance Coach
Certified Holistic Stress Management Instructor

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Getting It Done — Tricks to Overcome Procrastination
Do you keep putting off things you should be doing? Procrastination is an easy way we all get stuck and may not even realize we’re doing it. Grace focuses on five practical tips to stop procrastinating and feel more productive and less stressed. 

Revisiting Your New Year's Intentions 
Research has shown how sabotage and resistance can set in 60 days or less of making a hard-fast decision to change your life! If you have committed to changes in your health, finances, relationships, or work only to find yourself back to square one, tune in to explore the blocks and get back on track.

5 Easy Steps to Stay on Track with Your News Years Intentions 
We all begin the year with the best of intentions. We write our list of resolutions, follow through for a while, and then can find ourselves slipping back into old habits. If you started with vague resolutions, like "I am going to lose weight" or "I want to be healthier", you will get vague results. Tune in to discover how to set crystal clear goals to keep yourself motivated and on track to make your changes last. 

Stress Busters - 7 Successful Strategies
Stop Stressing Out! Learn effective stress reducing strategies very few people know about. Join us as we go beyond the usual "stress relievers." Live your life's purpose. Live with less stress. Dr. CJ talks with Grace Marks.

Starting Over: Navigating Life's Transitions
Change, even if unexpected, often causes confusion, stress and anxiety. If you are experiencing change with work, health, relationships and finances, this workshop WILL help guide you in finding your internal equilibrium. Dr CJ Henius interviews Grace Marks to give you specific actions steps and life tools to keep you focused and motivated through any life transition. Learn how to set new life goals and create a personal action plan by finding your true life purpose.

How to Survive a Snack Attack
Do you wish you knew how to handle that mid-morning or afternoon craving without the guilt? Tune in for an enlightening and interactive session on healthy choices and what snacks to avoid. Share your snack attack success stories.


  • How to Survive a Snack Attack
  • Stop Self-Sabotage 

Grace in the Media...

Betsey Bruner of the Arizona Daily Sun writes: 
"Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies, especially when we are trying to set personal goals for the New Year. In a talk ... Grace Marks, a life coach in Flagstaff talked about how to overcome self-sabotage and set goals for the New Year during a presentation at New Frontiers natural marketplace on South Cambridge Lane."

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