Grace’s method of life coaching is holistic in nature. Her unique process examines all aspects of a client’s life to regain inner balance and harmony. Grace gives clients helpful tools and manageable strategies they can use on a daily basis to meet any future challenges. Clients are supported in their efforts to reach their goals by tapping into their own beliefs and values to become fully empowered. 

Group Coaching

Given the current economic climate, group coaching is becoming a preferred option for businesses and organizations who want long-term solutions vs. a band-aid approach.

Here are four significant reasons why group coaching is effective for the workplace:

  1. When working as a coaching group, participants can share their individual or group best practices. As a result, great ideas are brainstormed so everyone has input and feels part of the process.
  2. When working as a coaching group, participants can manage change more efficiently and respond without delay. As a result, change happens more smoothly with less chaos.
  3. When working as a coaching group, the tribal business or organizational initiatives are reached more easily. As a result, the bottom line is positively impacted.
  4. When working as a coaching group, the combined wisdom from the participants accelerates the transfer of knowledge and solutions. As a result, each participant is in the loop and feels more valued and empowered.

Three-Step Workplace Makeover

Are you in need of a workplace makeover and want healthy, productive and motivated employees?

If you want sustained changes that empower your workforce and bring harmony and balance back to the workplace, choose this powerful customized combination. The three-step process includes an on-site assessment sessions with employees and management, highly personalized training based on the findings, and follow-up to address any stumbling blocks. This approach is much more comprehensive and effective for long-lasting change than training alone.

Step One: Workplace Assessment – to identify specific problem areas

Step Two: Customized training – to remove persistent obstacles and re-energize

Step Three: Follow up – to monitor progress with group coaching and interaction

Customer Service Assessment and Training

A Customer Service assessment (also known as a Secret Shopper Audit) will give you immediate feedback on your services and employee performance that can improve employee and customer satisfaction and your bottom line. You can assess whether:

  1. You have the product or service customers want.
  2. Customers are treated with respect and receiving the quality of service promised.
  3. There are any problem areas that need management’s immediate attention.

Customer service is often the decision-maker for many consumers. If they are treated well, they come back often and recommend your business to others. If they are NOT treated well, they may not buy or return, and tell at least 10 other people of their negative experience!

What Is A Customer Service Assessment?
A customer service assessment evaluates your business from the customer’s perspective – from employees’ attitudes, general services provided, to overall business image. If there are areas with poor quality of service, an audit will identify that area and make recommendations for improvement.

Customer Service Assessment Benefits:

  • overall increase in sales
  • customer satisfaction
  • employee performance and satisfaction
  • harmony and balance in the workplace

How Does A Customer Service Assessment Work?
Grace schedules a time to speak with management about what aspects of the business to assess. The audit is then customized to your specific needs. Whether you have a hotel, restaurant, or casino, Grace will blend in as an everyday customer to provide the most realistic review. She will then complete evaluation forms on various aspects of her contact. The evaluations will be tabulated and compiled into a report with solutions for improvement. 

An assessment is the first step to bring health and harmony back to the workplace. Contact Grace for a customized program and price quote.

Coaching and Training

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Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching can assist you through nearly any event in your life - from a career change, personal and professional growth, to any challenge in your health, job, or relationship. With the help of a life coach, you learn how to take inventory of your life and make some different choices.