Five-Step Starting Over Successfully Program (SOS)

Have you tried to start over – leave an unhealthy relationship, stressful job, or find the right job, start a healthier lifestyle, or just find more time for you and your family and were paralyzed by fear to take the first step, confused about what to do, or overwhelmed because change looks too huge?

The 5-Step Starting Over Successfully Program (S.O.S.) helps participants find the strength and courage to start over successfully and believe they can. Each step comes with a variety of hands-on tools and experiential activities that build on each other.

Step One: Take an inventory of your life to identify what’s out of balance. 
Step Two: Uncover your inner strengths and values. 
Step Three: Set goals and create a new life plan. 
Step Four: Train your thoughts to work with you vs. against you. 
Step Five: Create a vision board of your goals and new direction.

This program can be adapted to a variety of social service, mental health, and health programs in schools, clinics, and hospitals for patients, clients, students, or employees.

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Grace Marks, MPH, CPC, CHSMI
Certified Performance Coach
Certified Holistic Stress Management Instructor